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I'm trying to pair my Homelink buttons (3 buttons in the headliner) to my garage door opener, but can't get it. How did you guys do it?
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I had the same problem, I fought with it for awhile. Once I got it just a couple minutes and I was done. The trick I missed and I do not think is in the manual is first train it with your transmitter. The opener you are currently using. Put the transmitter it about 3" from your homelink and get it to learn from it. Push both the homelink and opener buttons at the same time. I think this gets Homelink on the right frequency.

Then I had to get homelink to be "accepted" by my physical opener. To do that I pushed the learn button on the physical garage door opener and then my home link button I wanted for that door. Bang it works, has worked great every since, has good range, more so than the small transmitters I have.
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