Hood Scoops??

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so im not thinking about doing this on anything or watever but the thought just crossed my mind. has anyone ever taken a non-functional hood scoop and made it functional?? if so how did you modify the scoop? wat scoop did you use? and how did u modify the hood and make it all work? just wondering wat peoples thoughts are on this??
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Some people have installed the Sport Performance Hood
it is non functioning, those scoops are removable & can be easily modified to allow clean cool air to help cool the engine

TV show GEARS did it on a Ram Express called the Drag'N Wagon
three videos at the bottom right of the page

I think the Ram Air Hood is the way to go, if you are going to buy a replacement hood, it comes functional from the source
I did it on mine. Just removed the scoops and cut the back off, glued some mesh on and Walla. Easier said than done though lol
Very true ^^^^ but with some patience and ingenuity, it can be done.

Most folks look at this and want to do some form of cold air intake/plenum & feed to the intake. There are kits now that fit with the SRT style hood and I saw one that was really cool this summer that had twin scoops (ala Dart GT) that had a plenum box underneath that transistioned to a rubber pan and a hose out of the pan to the intake, looked a bit like the old Chevelle SS set up for a cowl induction hoodl
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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