How comfortable is your ride

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I got my truck a couple months and had to replace shocks on it right away. They are ranchos 5500 i believe and have the stiffest most uncomfortable ride of my life.
What do you think of your ride and what kind of suspension do you suggest ?
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I have a 2012 PW and am actually quite impressed with the ride quality. My last truck was an 07 Escalade EXT with the air suspension and I think the PW gives it a run for its money.

e have taken a couple of longer road trips in the PW and even my wife has commented that she is surpised at how comfortable the truck is, both in terms of its seats and its ride quality.
I just bought my 12 PW a few weeks ago. I traded in my 2010 1500 for it. The 1500 was like floating on air. It was really smooth. The PW is a bit stiffer, but all in all it is really a nice ride. My work truck is a 2009 F-250 and it rides like I have solid tires. Def. a great ride.
While my truck is a bit over the top with King 2.5" I still believe selecting the best shock you can afford is the way to go.

A Carli Bilstein 2.0 Internal Reservoir Shocks (with the pintop design). These are pintops for a 2>3" lift like our PW and are valved to get the most out of the ride our PW can provide. Basically they are special valved for Carli 5100 shocks for their Hemi springs.

There is no need to change to the Carli springs because they are so similar in spring rate to the PW that it is not worth it unless you want the 3/4" lift or just want progressive spring in the front. The rear leafs will help to eliminate that infamous wheel hop we have in the leaves in the back.

I would do the chalk and tire pressure test thing first though. My 3rd gen is a shorter wheelbase than the 4th gen PW and a little lighter too. However in doing the chalk test I ended up at 43PSI front and 35psi rear (could go to 32) and that gave me a decent street ride with even tire wear. I learned to hate the BFG tires and was very impressed with the improvement of the ride with a better tire too. 315/70/17 Yokohama AT-S tires. I run the new tires at 40 & 35 but could go to as low as 30 in the rear if not carying a load of any kind.

The only way I could find to correct the tire size in the TIPM was with AutoEnginuity. Dealer would not or could not do it. I was also able to reset the TPMS with that as well.
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