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With gas prices rumored to be rising this summer, we need every bit of MPG help we can get! So I thought a little electric cooling fan 101 would be helpful for those with belt-driven engine cooling fans (typically older model vehicles).

An electric fan completely removes the mechanical load of spinning the fan from the engine. This means less work for the engine and better fuel economy. Another benefit of converting to an electric fan is they are quieter and have quicker warm-up times. An engine at its designed operating temperature also runs more efficiently, providing increased miles per gallon.
A mechanical belt-driven fan can require anywhere from 4-15 horsepower depending on engine speed and the size of the fan. Even with a fan clutch to reduce the drag at higher speeds, it's still a lot of wasted power.

Click here for cooling fan product info, sizes, reviews and pricing!

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed any performance increases with electric cooling fans??


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