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Hey it's me

I'm curious what i can tow, i have a 2006 1500 quad cab, short box with a 5.7L HEMI....that's a HEMI:box2: i just like saying it.

I hear 6000lbs from some people and 10000 from others rather then buy a 10000lbs trailer and watch as my box detaches pulling a hill in one of the mountain passes in BC i though i would ask some people that know.

I have the " tow package" as well. I would like to purchase some airbags for her this year, also should i get a chip to better tune the engine for towing in the mountain passes??

Ya need to know what diff gears you have to determine your actual towing capacity. Also, remember that with a 1/2 ton you are probably limited to something like 500 pounds tongue weight.

A programmer will help with MPG's, power and torque (which moves the load) if it is coupled with an intake and exhaust.

Here's a couple of links that will help you understand how to determine what you can tow:

A couple of handy things to remember. You don't need to fill up your fresh water tanks on the trailer until you get close to your destination. That way you can avoid overloading your vehicle. You drain your gray water and black water tanks before you leave to go home. It's also a good idea to drain the fresh water tank too.
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