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Performed on a 2006 (All 3rd Generations should be the same on these parts)

Alright, until you just read that title, you probably haven't considered color matching these parts of your Dodge Ram. How much difference could this make you ask? Alot, it'll add a nice finished smooth look to your truck, although many people won't notice.

Materials needed:
A small torx driver/bit
a pair of ***** (or whatever you may use to pull the zip screws)
A spray bottle full of water
150 grit sandpaper
800 grit sandpaper
2000 grit sandpaper
Duplicolor Perfect match paint
Duplicolor Perfect match clear coat
Duplicolor adhesion promoter
(All duplicolor products can be found at your local Advance Auto Parts)

First things first, remove the two Torx screws on your wiper cowl

Next, remove your wipers. For those of you with a lift or the HD suspension, pop your hood, and stand on your front bumper with the grill on your feet to reach the passenger side wiper.
Pull the wiper up at the hinge, and you will see a tab right at the bottom of the wiper. Pull out the tab, and hold it with your thumb, like so

Then pull straight up, the wiper should come right off.

Then, on your passenger side, find the tube for the wiper fluid, there is a straight connection there, pull the tube apart there.

Then, under your hood, there will be 6 (ish) zip screws holding the bottom of the cowl down. I usually slide the ***** under the head of the screw, clamp together just enough to grab the screw, and pull up. These screws NEVER come out fine, so don't spaz if one gets a bit messed up.

Remove the wiper cowl with the hood up, it'll take a bit of finesse, but it is possible. Under the hood is easier than above due to the joint of the wiper still protruding through the cowl.

Now, to remove the fog light surrounds, so easy it's stupid. Take a regular screwdriver, and carefully slide it between the surround and the bumper, right about here:

Gently push in, towards the engine, and then bend it in slightly. The surround should pop right out.

Now to the painting!

I laid some drop plastic down and rest my wiper cowl on that to limit any dust on the floor.

And the surround

Sand the parts down with the 150 grit sandpaper. When that is finished, go over it with the 800 grit to smooth out some of the deeper scratches. After that, spray it all down with the cleaner/degreaser, and wipe dry. You may repeat this process until you feel the grime from sanding is all removed from the surface. Let it dry for 5 minutes, then apply a good coat of adhesion promoter, and a second one about 10 mins later. Let the adhesion promoter stand for about 10 mins, then apply your first coat of perfect match paint.

Make the first coat rather light, where you still may see some black through the paint. You should apply 3 to 4 coats of paint, with 10-15 mins in between each coat. After the last coat, allow an additional 5 mins to dry. Then get your spray bottle of water and 2000 grit sandpaper, spray down the pieces and wet sand away. This is just to smooth out the paint before clear coat. After the wet sanding, spray the cleaner/degreaser and wipe the parts clean again. While this is drying, take a Twisted tea break!

After a good 10 mins of the parts drying, apply 2 coats of clear coat, repeating the wet sanding and cleaning after the 2nd coat dries. Then apply the final 2 coats, and allow to sit for about 45 mins or so, to fully cure to the parts. Then re-install.

Finished Product:


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nice job. it looks like a great match. i just dont know how mine would look. its white....
White might actually look really good. It adds alot to the truck, but not so much that it's ridiculous.

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Nicely done! :rep:

So you used Duplicolor paints? How did the shades match up with the body color?
Thanks for the reps!

When you are done with the paint, it's much more silver than our mineral grey. Each coat of clear will tone it down, which is usually 3-4 coats, with coat 3 and 4 being thick ones. I could probably throw 2 more coats on, but i'm satisfied with the match.
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