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this is my first mod writeup so its a simple one.
I used to place my diablosport trinity always in the left lower corner of my windshield with the suction mount but noticed some problems there. it always took away my attention off the road, it vibrated a lot because of the long mount arm. and most of all, it looks like a GPS, visable from the driverswindow and leaving round GPS-like marks on my windshield to attract scum. so it was more in the house then in my truck.
The best out of the way, easy to reach place i could find was under my 4wd select knob.

trinity mount before. think they only have two models, this one and a pod mount.

inside the plastic tube is a pretty thick alu rod. cut off the plastic at about 20 ribs.

cut or saw the alu rod leaving enough space, (mine was to short:doh:) leave at least 3/4inch sticking out of the plastic.

next I made threats in the rod using a threat make thing.

to come to this. bend it already the way you want it because you dont want to bend it to hard afterwards and crack your dash.

drilled a hole from the inside out and trimmed the inside with a dremel to fit the washer

watch out not to damage the theat by trying different nuts like i did:doh: had to redo it with a smaller size

finished with the cable coming out of the dash under the mount

turns out to be a good spot, vibrates a bit more then i tought, didnt know the bezel vibrated that much. but its a short arm so its not going anywhere.

let me know what you think or how you did it:wavey:
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