How to get legal window tint in texas?

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im tired of getting tickets for my illegal window tint out here in houston and austin. i was wondering if anyone knew ways of getting around that, possible permission from a doctor for having sensitive eyes maybe? haha any help would be appreciated! thanks
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no i understand that, and i understand where they can't see inside the truck where they might be pulling a gun out or something when they pull them over so window tint might be a danger but my truck looks soooooo much better with limo tint! and i want it back badddd haha
Man I couldn't agree more! I've been pulled over on US 183 many times in austin, its the state troopers. My rear window is pitch black so naturally I'm up to no good but even with my windows down I would still get pulled over and asked "sir, can you roll up your window, I'd like to check the tint." I even get crap for the AS-1 line. I recently had my windows retinted because they degraded and wouldn't pass inspection... 70 bucks so I never have to brown nose a cop again (about my window at least :158:)
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