How to get legal window tint in texas?

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im tired of getting tickets for my illegal window tint out here in houston and austin. i was wondering if anyone knew ways of getting around that, possible permission from a doctor for having sensitive eyes maybe? haha any help would be appreciated! thanks
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Ya in Houston I have only been pulled over once in my 7 yrs here on a trainlbazer I had been driving with 20% which was 16 on the meter and only got hassled my a state trooper leaving my apt on easter. I have been pulled over by god for speeding and given warnings but ne er even looked twice at my Windows. my cobalt SS I drive 4 or 5 days a week is 20% front limo rear I just open the sunroof druring the day if I see a state cop car. Inspections are no issue you can always pay off someone at a small shop. I did my trans am in 35 front limo rear because of the cam and emissions I can only pay someone to look so far the other way. I plan to do my ram 20% all the way around but since it is a dd I was rethinking of maybe legal on the front and blacking out all the rear Windows since it will darken it almost as much. only way to beat the law is when I lived here before swapping my tags and license from fl I had my cats limo all around and 1/3 of the windshield tinted. got harassed a few timed but since fl has no inspection or front plates and the cops didn't know I was lying when.I.said it was legal there I just drove away.
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