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If you ever have this happen to you, all will seem lost. No one will have the whole module, and if you find it , they will charge you $150-$350 for it. The cost of this repair is $2.19

Here is the remedy:

You'll need: sharp knife, drill bit, vise grip,

The top of the fuel module is made of a hard plastic.

1. Be brave, It's ok. Cut the protruding nipple off flush with the base of the fuel module. Try to keep the bits of plastic from going down the hole.

2. Go to your local auto part store , or hardware store and buy a brass elbow connector (90 degree) with coarse threads. ( see pictures )
Make sure that you get the size closest to the size of your nipple you broke off. Get a size bigger than your current hole.

3. Use Use a drill bit almost the same size as the brass 90. Ream out the hole until it is almost the same size as the brass 90.

4. Insert the brass 90 into the hole and grip with vise grips. Turn clockwise and apply pressure downward. The threads will catch, and bite into the plastic, sealing perfectly, and the brass 90 will sink down and screw right in to the top of the fuel module , like it was made for it. You can pick up the whole fuel module by that brass 90 nipple, its stronger than the others !

No need for epoxy, or glue, of any other useless attempt to fix this. It is incredibly easy.

Wow. I just saved you a TON of heartache. You're Welcome !


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