how to turn of traction control

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i got a 2010 dodgr ram 1500 5.7 hemi and i was woundern ho to turn the traction control of i press the EPS button but it is still on after a little spin of the tires
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this one feature alone has made me HATE a truck that i loved when i bought it. the kicking back on at 40 mph is bull crap too. when i want the traction control off i want it OFF...

^^^Fully agree with you deltaboy. Another reason I love our lawyer-ridden, lawsuit-crazy society. Even my JetSki throttles UP after I release the throttle if I have the handlebars turned. The idea is that maybe I was panicking while heading into rocks or something and let go of the throttle. No throttle = no steering of course. But it's maddening as he11. Natural selection for people who would purposely run without ESP over 40 and get hurt. (JMHO of course)
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