howto disable A/C compressor in winter ?

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Hi all,

The a/c compressor of our 2002 Ram is activated when we put the blower selector to blow towards the windshield. Even when the a/c switch is not pressed.

Is there an easy way to disable the a/c compressor permanently ?
Like removing a fuse orso :thk:

Because I dont like the a/c running in winter when its freesing.

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Why, it comes on for a reason to remove moisture from the air for your defrost to work properly. If you disable it you will end up with frost/condensation on the inside of the windshield which is a major PITA. Unless it dosen't get that cold where you live ? I you really want to disable it just disconnect the wire to the coil on the compressor, If would not fool around with the fuses.
like said before it comes on for a reason but... yours dosent work so you dont need it. You can get a new belt for your truck exact truck exact motor just no AC. Or just unpulg it. Good luck
^^^^ I agree if it's not working properly it would be best to simply unplug it to ensure you don't loose the compressor.
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