howto disable A/C compressor in winter ?

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Hi all,

The a/c compressor of our 2002 Ram is activated when we put the blower selector to blow towards the windshield. Even when the a/c switch is not pressed.

Is there an easy way to disable the a/c compressor permanently ?
Like removing a fuse orso :thk:

Because I dont like the a/c running in winter when its freesing.

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I agree, wouldn't disconnect it unless you absolutely have to, but you can either unplug it as suggested or get a shorter belt and bypass the compressor altogether, again only a temporary fix, not recommended for long term use. I don't see where the compressor works any harder in winter than in summer since it's going to cycle in more than just A/C mode but I had a similar problem not long ago and didn't run anything and in my climate, like Rans said, the condensation was a pita to deal with while driving.

- Cajun
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