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Please do some reading on switching out your bumper from the chrome to the sport type. The entire front end from below the grill down has to be swapped out. It's not cheap nor is it fun to do.
True story. The expensive part is the bumper suports and everything. A guy on dodgetalk priced it out online through mopar wholesale. It was around a grand and thats just for the pieces you need and without painting it...

Not sure on how to cover up the warning stickers.

As for intake the best performing is the Vararam. Theres alot of choices out there tho.

For th catback, not many choices. I would just swap out mufflers personally. I used to have a maggy y pipe in with new pipe to a maggy 14" and cut out my resonators. It sounded good but wasnt loud at all. I now have true duals with AT3030s.....its BEAST and sounds unique from every truck out there. Not to mention my butt dyno agrees completely. Can't wait for the 85mm Throttle body and Vararam to come on this week. Should be a very nice combo with the true duals.
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