I guess I'm getting older...

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I took my 10 and 5 year old to the sand pit and through some mud holes in our 04 yesterday after the Ravens game. I didn't want to tear up the farmers feilds, drive around the gates on the state owned forest or go down the trails that might put a scratch on the truck. My kids were a little disapointed, I guess after watching the youtube's of the mud hops and all they thought they were in for a ride....instead they got "No I'm not gona tear the truck up". Witch even as the words came out of my mouth I couldn't beleive I was saying it. Well to help make them understand what I meant, I got them up this morning and went out to wash the truck (18 degrees)................WOW I didn't go through what they wanted to and made them wash the truck. I feel like old hatefull dad :sad:.
But it did help me decide that big Mud tires are not what I need. All tho something with more side wall would look better IMO. I was checking out my buddys F250 with 285/70-16's they look like bid tires....but they had less dia. than mine (275/60-20). Iguess with the big wheels the tire looks small. IDK what I'm gona do, even if you get 17's the tires are all the same price (300+). Whats your guy's choice of AT's? I've got Nitto's now..
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Dick Cepek FC 2's on my girl. Love em. Go through all I want and kickass on the ice n snow.
Have a set of these on my truck as well and am very happy with them so far, more of an aggressive allterrain, they perform well in all types of terrain and conditions
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