I hate Winter!!!

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Spring looks to be here and yesterday I took Big Red for a bath to get the grit and grime off of her. When I got home I hit her with some quick detail to see just how much crap was embedded in the paint. Needless to say she needs a full claybar session as the amount of crap is horrific.
Pic's will come later but what really pissed me off is the amount of deep scratches and rock chips the front bumper has.
Being as only know the basics in paint, clearcoat and wax I'm hoping my brothers here can give me a hand. I will be touching up the chips with OEM touch up paint, but what is best to seal it with? A good coat of wax? How can I get my shine on again?
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Every time you use "Big Red" and "her" in the same sentence I think of Peggy Bundy. So I'm making a formal request that Big Red be called Peggy.
Lol, Warlock, somehow I just don't think that'll be happening.

As for the front end, make sure it's good and clean, and I mean q-tip the holes with rubbing alcohol before applying the new paint. Then touch up the paint with the brush-on, not the paint pen style. After that's done, give it a few days to cure properly, then use a light polishing compound to take the ridges off of the repairs and follow this up with a good sealer then wax. After all that, spare yourself this headache every year and pay the $$ for the clear 3M wrap.
Warlock....NOT gonna happen!!!!

Thanks Kurtis! Have been looking at 3M wraps, after seeing what winter did I'm really seriously considering it!
Yeah, I'm probably going to get my grille powdercoated and the front bumper cover resprayed then get the 3M wrap myself. Lowered and body color front do not do well in our sand/rock covered roads. As for yours, I'm sure 'Peggy' will be fine after she gets some TLC
if you guys want 3M paint protection my buddy owner of Magnum Tint here in red deer can hook you up im sure i can swing you a deal as im there almost everyday lol
Now that I just might have to take you up on!
i would be up for some of that too next time im in reddeer
Hmmmmmmm...Is that name PEGGY going to stick????? LOL
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