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I posted this lat night in the Diesel forum, but I wanted to share this here as well:

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Tonight I drove home from the dealer and I decided to see just exactly what kind of mileage I would get out of my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L Diesel Big Horn SLT Short Bed. I have only owned the truck for two days and I put it to the test, I was hoping for like 26 mpg, but boy was I shocked. Driving at 55 mph on a level freeway CA (215) last portion past Escondido before Riverside CA where there is a straightway for like 45 miles, for over 40 min I got a whopping 32.4 MPG this is no joke. See attached cell phone picture. I took a picture of the readout with my cell phone, because I knew no-one would believe me. Now mind you the MPG ranged from 24 on upwards for the whole trip. The whole trip was 59 min. So the average MPG would be lower than the 32.4. But I want you Cummins lovers to know that on a level freeway going 55 mph in a truck empty other than my weight the trucks weight and a fuel tank with about 33 gal of diesel, that is the read out I got. Would other members in the forum do me a favor? If you have the time take your trucks out and do the same test, see if you can get your truck to give you the same readings or something similar? I know truck size and engine size will vary the results, you can calculate the test (Providing you have the overhead Console with the Average Fuel Economy readout). Of note I did not hit the reset button from the time I left my destination. When the highest readout registered I snapped the picture with my phone. So like I said it stayed at the 32.4 read out for just about 40 min. During that time if I hit a grade it would lower to like 30.1 to 31. If I went downhill it would climb to like 34.1 and when I leveled off it would slowly come back to the 32.4. (Remember I was only driving 55 MPH. When I went 70 mph the other day I was getting 24mpg. I do not know how accurate these computers are and if they ever need calibration or not. All I know is this is what I captured. This is why I would like other Dodge owners to put this to the test and run the same kind of experiment and see if you get close to what I did. Mind you my motor only has 92 Thousand on it, so it is a baby and the truck has been well cared for, but it is 6 years old so it should be considered well broken in. As it ages I am sure the fuel economy will decrease. And for sure with a payload I would never get this kind of mileage. I just had to share this with the forum. We all should start a segment on calculating who get’s the highest mileage with no payload providing you organize it by engine size and truck size. Man YOU CANNOT BEAT THESE Cummins !!!!! Blew my mind away I will tell you that. Would love your feed back!!!!!:smileup: