I need a new radiator

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Fortunately my 2004 ram 1500 w/5.7 auto 4wd is a secondary driver but in the times I have to drive it the slow leak has been driving me nuts. I have seen radiators on e-bay for $130 delivered, LMC has one for $250, some parts stores have some for more. Is there any differance between any of these? The LMC is a 2 row, now sure of the e-bay. Anyone have any experience with any of these radiators? In the meantime I will throw some Bar's liquid aluminum stop leak into it.

Thanks in advance,
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I persuade u to get a good quality( probably mopar is the best for dodges) because i brought a cheap radiator for 100£ a week ago and i just discovered that it is tje reason for my car to overheat!! Take care of the brand!
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