i want some upgrades

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i have my ram you can see what it is by description i want some engine upgrades and interior. engine wise i have a cai tb spacer and super chips programer what else can i do on about a 500 budget and keep my 10mpgs lol also interior has the following a 8 inch sub under the back seat camo seat covers front and rear custom rebel flag headliner and a skull 4x4 shift knob what else can i do besides go ghetto on it i really dont want a bunch of lights and crap or speakers its a dd and kinda a show truck
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I'd look at the exhaust. A good cat-back system should fit your budget nicely.
well i also have a cold air intake. i agree with the exhaust the i personally have a custom 3 inch flowmaster cat back done on mine with a 70 series muffler. not loud but sounds deep and mean. should increase ur milage and power a bit also.
i got a 3 inch exaust no muffler that came with it when i bought it in 07 and still only get 10 lol and i wouldnt put flowcrap on my truck ever again had it horrible workman ship
Some pics of the truck would certainly help us out. Especially if it's a show truck!
i cant get my pics to upload and its a unfinished and there is only one hood i want and that is a mopar 70s style shaker my ram looks like wermbangs but it has a black shell running boards and brush gaurd
and regular ram alloy rims not the off road sport rims
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