In need of suspension picture

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Hope this is in the correct area, it's what I felt fit the best lol.

Going to be a semi odd request but anyone with the stock suspension still on, I need a picture of the rear end suspension of a 2010/4th gen. Like a picture of the springs, both sides left & right. Can be all in one picture or 2 pics, but I need pictures of all the rear springs. Don't have to be close up mugshots or anything, like I said just enough to see the springs and what not.

I searched google and came up short, so if anyone can help it would be amazingly appreciated. Needing it to compare something, and don't have access to the truck to look at it! :shy:

Thanks again! :smileup:
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PM me your email. Ill shoot you some iphone pics in the morning when im swapping my springs out
PM'd you the email. Hopefully you got the PM in time, or remembered to take the pics and left them on your phone!
I think SS4Luck forgot. :( Anyone else that can help me out? Much appreciated!
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