Info needed...multiple warning lights on

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Hey guys
I purchased my new 2011 1500 rcsb 4X4 about a month and half ago, 2 weeks ago while driving home I had 3 warning lights come on the dash, the 4wd service light came on and stayed lit, the traction control light came on and stayed lit, and the electronic throttle control light(red lightning bolt with parentheses round it) came on and stayed blinking. The truck seemed to loose power but I was able to get it home cruising round 60(didn't seem to wanna go any faster). As I would come to a stop the rearend would seem to vibrate very heavily. I took it to the dealer the next day for them to figure it out. They diagnosed it and told me there were a couple codes showing up in the pcm so they flashed it with updated software. This seemed to cure the problem as I've been driving it for the last 2 weeks without an issue. So as I'm coming home last night from a buddies, the same thing occurs again. Same three light are on and the rearend vibrates heavily again coming to a stop. I limped it home again and parked it. Figured I would go out this morning and start it to see if the lights were still on. Low and behold it starts fine and all the lights are off. Took it for a 30 minute drive just to see if this would happen again but nothing. Just wanted to see if anybody else on here has had this similiar issue or something like it with their 2011 model or any 4th gen for that matter. Any info would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks.
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Luckily I haven't had any problems with mine, but I only have about 2800 miles on it so far. I just got it back in early December, so haven't got to put a lot of miles on it yet. Hope it all works out for you and they get it straight.
hi guys
Im new to this forum
I have the same problem with my ram i wanted to know kneedragger if you found the problem?
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