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Hi. New member here. I just purchased a new to me 2012 Ram 1500 CC Laramie 4x4 and one of the first things I’ve done is install a Ground Force 2” rear leveling kit. I like the looks of a leveled truck. I didn’t want to raise the front since I don’t do any off-roading or want to put on any tires larger than the 20’s now on it. I thought I’d pass along my impressions of the kit/install and some before and after measurements for anyone that might be interested. The kit I installed was the GF 91214 rear leveling kit. I looked at others, and although more expensive, I settled on this one as it included the new lowering shocks. One extra thing I did have to buy were the flexible dust boots for the shocks. Given the price for this kit I don’t see why GF didn’t include them since they were only a couple of bucks each.

The install was fairly simple with the exception of the top shock bolts. I don’t know what engineer designed this setup but the nut was near impossible to get a wrench or socket on the way it’s recessed into the back of the top mount. I ended up cutting off the closed end of a 13/16” (19mm) wrench to make a tool that would fit into the recessed area of the mount, under the bottom of the bed, and get on the nut to hold it while I spun the bolt off with an impact gun. Removing the inner fender liners helped provide access to the upper shock mounts. The rest of the install went pretty much like any other rear spring replacement project. I won't dwell on that as it's well covered in other posts on this site. The kit consisted of the 2” lowering springs, upper spring mounts, coil spring wraps for noise control and the lowering shocks. Everything seems to be of good quality. Here are some suspension measurements before and after install. All measurements were taken in the same spot on a level garage floor.

1. Driver side bottom of fender well opening to ground... Before install was 39” and after install was 37" for a drop of 2" as advertised.

2. Passenger side bottom of fender well opening to ground... Before install was 39-1/4" and after install was 37-1/4" for a drop of 2" again, as advertised.

3. Underside of panhead bar to ground... I forgot to measure before the install but the bar looked to be near level. After install the driver side was 18" to ground and passenger side was 16-3/4" to ground at each end of the bar for an out of level change of about 1-1/4" between ends. I'm not sure if I need to address this, but it seems a small amount of change. I've read online that as long as the out-of-level measurement does not exceed 10% of the bar's total length, which is about 41" in my case, it's OK. It appears to be around a 4% change.

4. The distance from the center of each rear wheel hub to a plumb line dropped from the same spot on the surface of the both rear fenders measures 3-3/4" on both sides so the axle appears to be centered. I didn't think to measure before the install so it must have not been centered and the install of the kit changed it in a good way.

Did about a 20 mile test drive after the install and remeasured the above with no notable changes. I'll check in a few weeks to see if anything has settled. I've read a lot of posts on lowering the rear on this truck, most positive and some not so good, but I'm happy with this kit and the overall outcome of the install. The truck handles well and the ride remains smooth. I thought I'd share my experience with this rear only level since most folks seem to be installing the 2/4 kits.
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