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Hey yall,

So if you're like I am and want to use the stock Infinity Stereo Head Unit while adding a sub woofer to your Ram, then you have come to the right place.

I'm gonna be as detailed as I can be along with pictures and wire color details. Where to connect and where to hide wires so that you have a professional looking install...

First things first, I tried looking up the stereo speaker wire colors and found what I thought I was looking for, only to find out I was looking in the wrong place. I took apart my entire stereo console (Don't Do This) to remove the head unit and look at the speaker wires... guess what... none of the colors matched what everyone else had reported.

I became very frustrated and finally called the local Audio store here in town and they gave me the missing link. All the wire color codes are post amplifier (remember this is the Infinity 7 speaker system we're talking about).

So, I finally pulled the glove box out and found the amplifier. Pulled the plug out and what do ya know? I found the correctly colored wires for the install.

Getting even Smarter now, I pulled the passenger side kick panel and found the Gray with Yellow and Gray with blue wires. These are the signals for the right front speaker (You'll want to use the front speakers because this is where the Infinity system sends all the bass)

For the driver side, I found another harness just above the E-brake pedal. It holds the Green with Yellow and Green with Blue wires for the left front speaker.

So, with that being said I used a Line Out Converter (LOC) to turn the signals from the speaker wires into RCA jacks to allow the use of an external amp for a sub woofer.

Now, once you buy your 20 dollar LOC at Walmart you'll need to extend the wire leads coming off of it. keep note of what wires you attach to which leads so that when it comes time to hook them up they will reach and be connected to the proper wires.

So, if you have the fold out cup holder style console, there is a piece of trim that comes off of the bottom. I pulled this and found it to be the best location for the LOC. so I plopped her in there and started the wire routing.
Running wires in this order

LOC speaker wire leads to the driver side speaker connection
LOC speaker wire leads to the Passenger side speaker connection
Ground to the bracket underneath the cup holder

Finally the 12v yellow wire is connected to a 12v constant, I used the phone charger/cigarette lighter on the passenger side, and just spliced into the red wire coming off the back of the plug... (sorry no picture, but this plug hides behind the big stereo trim piece)

The rest is pretty basic, run the power wire for the amp (big red wire) from the battery down through the big rubber grommet on the firewall down behind the kick panel and under the carpet all the way to the back seats.

Same goes for the RCA's, but being the RCA's are prone to induced voltage (the high pitch squeal you hear in stereos at times that varies with engine RPM) run them on the passenger side.

the Remote wire is actually connected to the LOC off the blue and white lead of wire coming out of the box. You can just run that along with the RCA's

For the Amp ground I just used a self tapping screw and and drilled into the back metal part of the cab to attach the ground wire that comes with the amp wiring kit.

I believe this pretty well wraps it up. Let me know if you have any questions at all...



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not sure why the pics arent working, but if you right click them and open them in a new tab they come up... Sorry yall
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