Instant MPG increase

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I pulled my 22 ft travel trailer to Cody, WY from Sheridan with my stock 2500 Hemi. Averaged about 9 MPG, which is about normal. Went into Yellowstone the next day, without the trailer. Averaged 18 MPG! The next day, the wind was blowing like crazy (windy Wyoming) from the west, as I was traveling east. Average was 11.9 MPG with trailer!
Conclusion, travel down mountain passes with wind at your back to save gas. Sorry, I have to laugh about paying $3.90/gal for premium and getting between 8-11 MPG, or I would sell this otherwise fabulous truck. I'm 62 and it still kills me to pay so much for gas when it was 25 cents/gal when I started driving as a teen in 1967.
Now if can just map my trips to be all downhill and with the wind on my back! :smileup:
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started driving in 74, paid .41 cents a gallon.
I started driving in 1957 when it was 19 cents a gallon and went on sale (gas wars they called it) for 15 cents a gallon. Plus they gave you S&H Green Stamps and other gifts. Plus they washed your windows, checked your oil and your tire's air pressure. I wonder how the price of gas back then compares to the salaries of today.
its all about supply and demand.
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