Intake manifold question

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Hey guys this is my first post. Im looking at upgrading my intake manifold to the mopar p5007398ab. Its 660 bucks is there any out there that are cheaper? I have 96 ram 1500 5.9 double barrel throttle body fuel injection. Also this is waht ive done so far since i got my truck in august.

Spectre cai
New dist cap and rotor
Msd superconductor wires
Accel super coil
Side gapped spark plugs
Tranny, engine, tranfers case fluid change
Adjusted steering
New pcv and brethrr filter
New valve cover gaskets, painted valve covers red
Minor body work
Undercoated whole truck
Coolant change
Fuel tank straps
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I forgot to mention my engine is a non egr
For the money, I'd go with the FI Airgap from Hughes.
However, for non-egr, shouldn't you get 5007852 if you go with the Mopar unit?
What are you going to be doing with the truck? wheeling, Racing, I myself have looked into the hughes intake, Have done alot of research on this. The hughes intake pulls all through the power band and really opens up in the higher rpms 2500 up. Now for the $600 price for the Hughes, I would mod the kegger you can do it yourself. Get a modded TB, Headers, Cold air intake and some roller rockers and a good flowing exhaust and get the same gains as changing the intake. This is just my opinion I just dont think the $600 price is worth it. After getting the small stuff first you want more top end then go for intake, cam, tuner. I do know this once you start you will never be done. I have $2500 into mine and I have not even scratched the serface. Just my 2 cents.
I have a Hughes modified stocker, it made a HUGE difference its off my 2000 Durango R/T......Runners were shortened, plenum plate was modified to better reduce heat build up, throttle body inlets were bored to handle larger throttle plates for larger TB's. I had it modified to accommodate my 408 stroker. I can take pics if needed....
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