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Well I figured it would go like this. Sprung for the Intune-DCX. I called them before I purchased it to make sure it would work with a Mac. So I get the unit - and a link to "how to use it with a Mac" The link is the DS forum with rows and rows of questions about problems using it with a Mac.

Can anyone walk me through the process? I'll buy the beer. Update? Update what? How do you do it? There is no instructions in the box. Not for a Mac. And to access the latest updates (again for a Mac) I gotta scroll through 200 posts on a DS forum to get the right version of the brand new device I just bought?

I contacted DS and THEY POINTED ME to the same forum pages. Is there no step1, step2, step3 instructions out there for a Mac? I cannot believe that consumers are buying this thing with no detailed instructions for a Mac.
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