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Hey everyone,

firstly just wanted to give an update; last night I installed an AFE CAI along with a tune from Diablo's inTune. I am very please with the outcome! :smiley_thumbs_up:

I will need to post up some vids of acceleration and such. Since it was done last night I can't give all the ins/outs of purchasing but initial response is good, I will keep posted.

Just a quick question regarding the inTune:

Has anyone else who owns the inTune found that there was no 'options' for the tune to write to your vehicle? When I went to write my truck I wasn't given the option of an 87 tune or 93 tune or so on. I has also noticed that the program when I plugged it into my computer did not work. Maybe I just need to get the update to work on my computer?

The first write I tried ended up telling my that there was no tune for 'C19...' (I have it written down at home) and had to get back to the home screen on the inTune; unplugged from truck and plugged back into my computer, which did not bring up the Diablo update screen however said that an update has been applied to 'C19...'

If anyone has heard or experienced the same a little help would be appreciated.


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