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Newbie here with 2011 Bighorn Hemi. I am also interested in mods, upgrades, etc. and this forum is great. I've already debadged, tinted windows, HID headlamps and fogs and added extra power outlets in front and rear...only had the truck a month. Getting ready to add some LEDs for the interior...

Came across this info on the IOD fuse. It is called the Ignition Off Draw fuse and apparently you can use it to shut off most of the power to the truck if you store it for a long time...I never came across this before and I thought i would pass it on.

PDC - Ignition Off Draw Fuse and usage

Short Term battery load reduction.

Dodge has a feature to all the dealer (and owners) to greatly reduce the "ignition off power draw" in vehicles. If you are going to be going out of town or away for a period of time (factory recommends <=31 days) and you want to ensure that the battery does not run down in the process, you can release the IOD fuse located in the trunk at the PDC or Rear Power Distribution Center.

This IOD or "Ignition Off Draw" fuse is used during assembly line work, and when vehicles are in storage on dealer lots to prevent battery going dead.

It is recommended if vehicle sits unused for a period of time, say for more than 10 days or so, that you pull it to shut off parasitic drain to the battery. The down side is you will lose radio presets, but it will protect charge in the battery. All you have to do is press black clips to raise fuse out of holder, do not attempt to completely remove it.

It's in the PDC (Power Distribution Center) block in the trunk. Pop the cover, and it's the big fuse (60 A) at the top - right beside where the positive lead come in. In my PDC it is J13

There are two small, white tabs along the edge of it. Push down on those, and the fuse pops up. Don't remove it though..just pop it up.....Your trunk light will go out, as well as your interior lights (along with compass reading, etc.).

Test by opening door and verify interior lights do not come on to see if it is pulled properly. To restore vehicle electrical operations, just simply press it back into place.
This is primarily used during assembly and transportation, when some storage is incurred to keep the parasitic drain to a minimum.

If you are going to have the vehicle stored for > 31 days, the factory says in its advisory to disconnect the NEG battery lead to completely isolate the battery. This will remove all power and doubt about any parasitic battery drain, but note some details here. Hence, the dividing line between long term and short term usage is recommended at 31 days.

Ok, so you do this (disconnect battery) and once you close the doors, you cannot get back into the vehicle again as your doors are locked and the FOBIK is no longer functional. So you are forced to use the Emergency Key (Valet) Realize the issues here with complete battery disconnection.
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