Ipod/Iphone cable rerouting and vehicle specific mount install on RER radio

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I recently did my own version of an ipod/iphone cable reroute in my 2010 Laramie. In this guide, I have used the original ipod interface cable that came with the truck (black end). It works with all functionality of iphone 4 ipod with 4.1 os installed. It does give a warning box when first plugging in phone that there may be a compatibility issue. I have ordered the updated cable from Dodge dealer to correct this warning (white end).

This install gives me the functionality to plug in my iphone and place it in the mount for hands free use or the ability to place my ipod in the glove box when cell phone use it not desired.

From what I understand, the updated cable will be needed to use a newer ipod touch to get charging functionality.

Parts used:

Ipod extension cable (phone end is the same size as Apple cable and works with most cases installed)

Vehicle specific cell mount
VSM-DG9208G3 : Vehicle Specific Mounting Bracket for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. (scroll down on page to view)

Ipod/Iphone mount for use with case and cable connected
SM040-2 : Mega Grip Cell Phone Holder | Mobile Phone Holder | Smartphone Holder. (scroll down on page to view)

Dual T adapter plate
AP032-VSM : VSM 4 Hole AMPS Adapter Mount for Magellan and HP GPS Devices. (scroll down on page to view)

Updated Ipod interface cable(link provided for info, ordered mine through Dodge)

Here is my version:

1. Tools needed: T20 torx driver, #2 phillips, 1/4 round file and a pocket screwdriver or trim removal tool.

2. Remove center console chrome trim ring by prying upward gently.

3. Remove lower tray insert.

4. Remove two phillips head console screws.

5. Set park brake and place shifter in drive with engine off. Remove center console trim panel by lifting and popping spring loaded tabs.

6. Remove driver side lower console kick panel by popping spring loaded tabs.

7. Remove passenger side lower console kick panel by popping spring loaded tabs.

8. Remove 110 outlet trim bezel by popping spring loaded tabs.

9. Remove screw above 110 outlet.

10. Remove top tray insert.

11. Remove two top tray screws.

12. Remove center trim panel for radio and controls by popping spring loaded tabs and lean rearward.

Continued on next post.
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13. Center trim panel tilted rearward.

14. File clearance in glove box light access.

15. Route male end of extension cable through glove box light access.

16. Route extension cable to center console area.

17. Route extension cable through center trim panel rectangle access.

18. Extension cable installed through center trim panel.

19. Install vehicle specific mount on right side of radio by removing two 7mm screws.

20. Reinstall all trim panels in reverse order of removal.

21. Extension cable view in lower tray.

22. Install grip iphone/ipod holder and adjust to preference.

23. Connect extension cable to interface cable in glove box.

24. Finished product view.

Thanks for viewing,

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I did this but did a different way of getting the cable routed. Goes the same place just don't have to take the dash apart.

Take out bottom glove box( just lifts out)

One screw holds the bottom of the top glove box and it pops out.

Take new cable and run it through the hole in the center counsel do not have to take it all apart.

With the glove boxes out you just feed the cable until you can grab it.

Take light off top glove box and feed cable in through with no filing.

Put light back on. Put top glove box with screw. Put lower glove box back. All done. 5-10 minutes.
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I did this but did a different way of getting the cable routed. Goes the same place just don't have to take the dash apart....

...All done. 5-10 minutes.
Yes, I know this.

I took it all apart for the vehicle specific mount. :smileup:

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Is your phone mount held in place by the vent? I cant tell how its installed. What type of mount is it. It looks great there especially if you were using the Nav.
Great job, and great 'how-to' post! :rep:

That vehicle specific mount sure looks interesting. Do you have any pix that specifically show it off?
Here is the mount kit

The vehicle specific mount bolts on with the radio mount screws on either side of the unit. I found the default right side to be the best. The bolt on part of the mount is just a stainless bracket with a large plastic ball made onto it. The rest of the kit attaches to the mount via rubber grommets and friction. It is almost infinitely adjustable.

A Picture:


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Excellent how to with a great set of pics. This can also be used for other work that requires centre console removal. Thanks for posting this. :rep:
where did you find the mount? Im looking for something to hold my phone,
1st post...

where did you find the mount? Im looking for something to hold my phone,
...has all the links and part numbers that were used in the install.

When viewing the Arkon website, you will have to scroll down to each part number that is listed in first post to see the particuliar part.


Sweet, looking at doing something like this myself.
Thanks, great writh up with PICS..
Hey MPH300. Thanks for the info. Just verifying, did that new interface cable with the white end do the trick. I need one and just want to make sure it worked before I buy a new one.
The setup that I did worked fine for my iphone 4 with the exception of a message when plugging it in that said an incompatible cable was used blah blah blah. Just touched ok to make info pop up go away.

Otherwise, everything worked fine.

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