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Hi all,

This is my first post to the forum (oh hi!), but looking forward to participating here. Just got my first truck (2015 Dodge Ram SXT) and had a local dealer put a Leer 100XQ cap on it, as well as a BedRug. Super frustrating experience so far. The flashing on the window must have been installed wet as the adhesive is useless and it's falling off. I also noticed that they didn't clean the bed of the truck at all before installing the BedRug. I also don't think they used alcohol to clean anything before sticking on the adhesive strips as the adhesive strips on the tailgate is already falling off. When you're paying over CAD$6000 to get this stuff done you kind of expect it to be done right the first time.

Anyways -- they are going to fix it all, but I noticed significant leaking of water on to the top of the tail gate (pics attached here) and I am wondering if anyone has had similar issues, or if this is likely another issue I will have to get them to address. Would love any thoughts or feedback.

Thanks all!

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