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I installed the JBA headers on my truck about a month ago and have had no issues at all. JBA says right on their website that their shorty headers do NOT void factory warranties.
They should just bolt on and go. All they do is replace the exhaust manifolds, so there will be no issues with codes being thrown, etc.
The quality on the JBA headers is very good. That being said, your installing them correctly and following the directions well will determine whether you have issues with them leaking.
I read quite a few install and review threads about them here before i installed them on my truck and i got mixed reviews on the JBA gaskets. Because of that I decided to order Mopar gaskets ( 05038099AA and 05038098AA ) for headers.
The install on the headers is a bit tedious, but i am very happy with the end result, and the headers are top notch quality wise.
Hope this helps.
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