JBA Header Questions. HELP PLEASE!!!

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Alright, so I have a lot of questions to be sure of before I pull the trigger on ordering the JBA cat4ward shorty header. I have a 2010 1500 cc sport dropped 2/4. First off will the headers fit with the drop? Second, I have the current exhaust split behind the cats running two seperate pipes to two flowmaster 40 series and resonater delete, if I order these headers my plans would be to run to separate cats for a true dual. Would I lose too much back pressure if I did this? Would it throw codes (im guessing o2?)? Would the power difference be worth running two cats? Would I need to get the truck tuned? I have the diablo sport tuner but just run the 87 perf tune and I also have the AEM cold air intake. Sorry I feel clueless right now and any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I would like to make a decision quick due to the sale on through the end of the year, 15% off and free shipping bringing the total cost of the stainless headers down to $430.91 which I can not find a price within $70. AND one last question, would there be any advantages of getting ceramic coating?

Sorry for all the questions but thanks for ANY answers,
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I agree Cody, but do get them coated...its way worth it. If your gonna do true's, put an H or X pipe in there someplace..I did an H on mine..

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