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Hi all, posted my welcome and pics yesterday here:

Making plans to get this truck back on the road and nice again. Trying to get it all straight in my head, figured doing it here would be good, so if you folks have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

I already did use a new brass press-in freeze plug. Hopefully it'll last a while. Saved the one that "fell out", it's hanging above my work bench. Ha!

I picked up a new water pump, thermostat (190-degree), bypass hose and all the gaskets and coolant last night. Planning to knock that out tomorrow.

Also bought a new IAC relay...truck has a loud hissing near the throttle body at start-up and read on this forum it was most likely the Idle Air Control relay. Was cheap, will see if that fixes the hiss.

Oh and I installed new wipers last steps right..ha, the ones on the truck were SHOT. Also replaced the air filter and PCV Valve.

I ordered a new carpet dash cover for it. I know those look somewhat "ghetto", but I HATE the dash cracks and do not have $150 in the budget for a plastic dash cover right now. The carpet will at least be better than the cracks and duct tape there now!

So the main issues I still have, after doing the water pump tomorrow, are:

- I can see one of the lower ball joints is bad. Does not rattle, but will need to be down. Will check all the others, grease the steering linkage, and plan on an alignment when done.

- Why does the FM on my radio not work...everything else does???? I need my radio...may hit the salvage yard for a spare.

- Need to find a new drivers'-side A-piller plastic trim piece by the windshield with the built-in tweeter speaker. If anyone has one to sell PLEASE let me know. My panel got shattered when they did the headliner and tweeter is ruined too.

- Need to see why the driver door speaker does not work

- Don't need a heater right now, but heater does not blow hot...will try to flush it tomorrow when I do the water pump job. (Thankfully a/c is cold!)

- Getting new tires next week, going to try to find a deal on some raised-letter ones. Has 245/75/16's on it that what most people run on these?

- Planning to change the transmission fluid and filter kit, and the oil in the rear axle. Anyone know if I need to mix in some limited-slip additive to the rear like on the GM trucks?

- Soon after getting it back on the road I want to do the plugs, wires, and cap and rotor...don't know when they were last done. I looked for the cap last it seems to be hidden behind the intake! Also will change the fuel filter after running a few tanks of fresh gas through the truck.

- The power seat motor is goofy. Forward and back works most of the time, but up and down work for a sec and then stick, and other times up and down will not work at all. Need to see if I can lube it under there I guess. Weird.

- Need to order new fog lights to replace the melted ones in the grill

- The interior door handle on the right rear suicide door does not work. Thankfully the handle in the door jam itself does. Will try to figure that out. I have two kids that will be riding back there. Would like that handle to work.

- If once I get the truck back on the road for a while it runs and drives well and is reliable, I'm going to look into re-painting the upper body back in the stock color. Will also look into a new upper front bumper plastic cap/cover. Mine is sun-faded.

- Will be on the lookout for a non-dented rear bumper.

- The headlight "eyebrows" that tie in with the bug guard are faded out to brown. They installed them with velcro to the fenders, or I'd just remove them. I may try to use "Nightshade" paint on the back side to darken them, or if that looks terrible may try to replace them.

- Planning to re-paint the faded door mirrors and wiper arms satin black. Hoping the faded door handles, tail light and tail gate plastic will darken up with some Armour All.

- Lastly...and showing my inner ******* here, I'm going to take the truck to Taylor Muffler to see about doing cat-back dual exhaust with chrome pipes. Give it a little rumble.

Oh and LOTS AND LOTS of cleaning. Will be shampoo'ing the carpet, treating the leather, and cleaning and soaking all the interior plastic with Armour All or Son-of-a-Gun this Sunday. Want the inside to be pretty.

Will update as it comes along! Comments, suggestions and ideas are WELCOME. Thanks all!

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