Just purchased my Ram

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Well folks, I started reading this Forum about a month ago, when I was considering getting a new truck - - I DID IT ON MONDAY.

2012 Ram 1500, SLT - HEMI.

Had my wife drive it home (she didn't even ask, just took the key from me), but yesterday I took it for a little spin - - WOW, that HEMI is something else.

First thing I need to add is some running boards - - any suggestion on which ones, and where to get the best price. I looked at Westin Platinum Chrome Nurf Bars on the Web. and they look good - - all input will be appreciated.


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Congrats on the new truck.

I went with the Mopar tubes. The dealership knocked a couple hundred and a bit off and I like that the tread on the steps match the rest of the truck - but that's just me. They were a simple bolt on to existing holes Everyone has their preference so I'm sure you get lots of suggestions.
if you think it's fast now..wait til you get hooked on moddin...
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