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k&n fipk cai modification

So I have had this K&N FIPK CAI in my 03 Ram 1500 slt, 4.7 for a few months. I got at least 1, perhaps 2 mpg gain by putting this on. But the design has bothered me from jump. the heat shield is a lose fit, and gets hot as hell, the cai filter sits behind this heatshield, and sucks air from engine compartment, with a small opening towards the front grill. the design is ok, but I think I have improved it
I took cai off and did the following;
1. wrapped the plastic air pipe in metal tape we use to seal ductwork. it is high quality metal tape and should reflect radiant heat away from pipe, its not insulated, but I did not want to put too much on pipe, it sits right on top of intake.

2. wrapped top, bottom and sides of heatshield with 1/2" polyiso foil faced foam board.

3. put heavy layer of metal tape over entire box, so it looks like space junk from 60's....

4. reinstalled cai, and sealed hole where air pipe enters heatshield.

So now all air available to filter is coming from fender or from front grill.

I ran a temp prope onto air intake tube right at throttle body. warmed truck up with short drive down beach town, then hit parkway and cruised at 65mph for 7 miles. temp on top of throttle body was 128.5 deg.

moved probe to inside insulated cai, and ran for 7 miles on parkway, 65 mph, and about 3 miles down some back roads to my house;
temp inside cai box, 80.6.
it was about 2 degrees cooler at my house for final measurement then on highway when I switched probe, but it looks like the insulation had the cai air 45 degrees cooler then the engine air and only 6 degrees hotter then the ambient outside air. its ugly, but I think it worked.
Sorry about duplicate threads, I left my laptop open and thought the on from this morning was not posted, anyway this post has the results from todays test. I do not know how to delete the other post.....


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