KEY FOB , door locks keep locking and unlocking

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Just purchased a 2015 Dodge Ram Laramie 2500 Diesel. LOVE IT, however having issues with key fob. If you lock the truck or unlock the truck using the keyfob or even with the touch handle, the door locks keep locking and unlocking over and over again until you place the key fob in the truck or walk more than 5 ft or so from the truck.

Lights flash and doors continue to click , click click lock and unlock.

Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what might be causing this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Does it do it when the fob's are far away? Does it matter which fob?
Key FOBs does it for both of them

Does it for both of them and if you are more than 5 ft a way it stops or if you
place the key fob inside the truck. Otherwise if you are near the truck it just starts clicking and lights flash locking and unlocking
That makes me think you have a problem with one of the door handles. If that's the case, it should set a code in the BCM and it will be visible in the data stream.
Mine does this if your anywhere near the handle with the FOB. Usually I have to touch the handle for it to unlock the truck but occasionally it has unlocked while close, but never locked unless I touch the button on the handle. You're definitely sure its physically locking and unlocking or just making the sounds? Try disabling "Passive Entry" in the menu system by unchecking the box and see what happens and let us know.
Yes, try disabling the passive entry and see what happens.. sounds like a bad door handle or maybe something is stuck on the inside of your handle that the sensor is picking up.
Turns out yes it is the passenger door sending a revrese signal

Turns out yes it is the passenger door sending a reverse signal so whenever we get near with keyfob it thinks we are trying to unlock passenger door.

You guys are awesome!!!!! thank you
I am having the same issue with my 2015 3500 Laramie - I have had it back at the dealers so many times !! They don't seem to be able to duplicate the unlocking issue !!!
Both drivers and passenger locks don't always lock on the external button ... And I have returned to the truck 3 times to see that the doors are UNLOCKED !!!!
Any solutions or answers for me ????????
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