Lamp Out Light and dinger bell gone wild!

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For an unknown reason, on my '03 RAM 1500 Quad Cab 4WD my "Lamp Out" warning light and the accompanying ding bell go on and off erratically and completely randomly even though not a single light is out! I have removed tested and cleaned all the tail lights bulbs and holders, etc. so I am guessing it is an electrical sensor or module at fault? No rhyme or reason to it they just go off whenever they feel like it - a lot. Any suggestion would be much appredciated as the bell is very annoying when riding along!
Thank you,
Willy Smith :doh:
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:smiley_thumbs_up: OMG! Thanks Stangshcky12....I have taken them and cleaned them several times never suspecting that they had circuits in them...I guess each one has a circuit board, so I shall replace them both!! If it works out I'll let you know so others may benefit from the experience! Also, perhaps this is why they have the rubber rings around each prevent water from ingressing to and affecting these maybe I will seal the new ones a little better, with a dab of silicone. Do the front headlamps and/or parking /turn signals have their own circuits as well?
:wavey:Man, I really appreciate your help!! The new tail lamp holder fixed the issue completely! Who would have guessed their was a circuit board in there! lol It was the passanger side as you said it would likely be.
I also siliconed a crack in the lens that may have allowed moisture to get in.
Have a HAPPY New Year!
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