"Lamp Out" only when headlights ON and right blinker ON

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Hey guys so I have a weird problem and was wondering if I could get some assistance with it. All lights are active and running fine. There doesn't seem to be any dimming with any of the lights

"Lamp out" type: flashing with constant dinging

Problem: "lamp out" comes on when Parking Light/Headlight/Fog Light's are ON and the right blinker is ACTIVE

Replaced so far: All exterior light bulbs, Right lamp circuit board, Right Pigtail (the plug that connects to the circuit board)

Diagnosis so far: So while testing I pulled out the right tail lamp fuse (which fixes the problem) the "lamp out" stops and the right headlight blinker still works fine. So I figure it has to be the fuse box, power distributor thing, a larger fuse, or any of the cables in between

Just figured I'd see if anyone has any solutions so I don't end up spending 1200$ replacing stuff

PS my truck is a 2004 1500 Quad cab SLT v8 5.7 Hemi, RWD, Auto Tranny, tow package (if that matters)