Laramie Longhorn Floor Mat

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I washed my truck the other day and took the carpet inserts out of the mats to wash them i then put them in the bed of my truck. I went on the highway the next day (forgetting the carpet inserts were in the bed) and my right rear carpet insert flew out. I looked for it but could not find it. Does anyone know where i can find a replacement? The dealership is zero help.
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0 help ?? That is not good.. you just bought the "top of the line" truck and no help ???
I know they told me that there was no replacement mat since the Laramie Longhorn is a "special edition".
That is a negative... current production truck.. you can get anything.. call the next closest dealer to you
That is a negative... current production truck.. you can get anything.. call the next closest dealer to you
+1, What ever happened to good old customer service? If the parts guy didn't know at least ask someone that will have the right answer.
You must have gone to the same dealership I did when I asked about mudflaps. The parts dork said they were not available through Dodge. I didn't have the heart to tell him I had the part number with me.

Call around to other dealers and you will find one that will work with you; buy them beer and stay with them.

OK, one more...the same time parts dork number 1 told me Mopar did not make mud flaps for my rig he spent 5 minutes looking up the part number for an oil filter for me. Seems like that is one item he should have been able to just grab off the shelf. I did not by my rig there and I don't go there anymore.
The mats are available through your dealer, but they are only available as a 'kit', and in order to get a back mat, you will have to buy the kit of 4. :)

If you have ever considered Weathertech or similar mats, now is a good time. :)
Hope you got your mats replaced...
Had 2 recent customers looking for the replacement carpet part of the mats and as stated by brad12kx you can only order the complete set of the floor mats. According to both dealerconnect and mopar specifying....
Just get the Husky Weatherbeaters or the Weathertechs.
I also woul get the weathertech's,,, BUT they don't come in dark brown, and the black, tan, nor gray would look like crap in my truck as I have the 2-tone brown interior... they aren't too badly priced from the dealership or mopar parts...
So where would i go by on buying a kit? Back to the dealership? Because they told me I couldn't but just the carpet inserts and needed to buy all three mats.
The floor mat kit is available through the dealer, but have you checked with Clark at AutoAnyThing. There may be suitable option from Lloyd Mats. I just picked up a set for the front of mine, and they are much nicer then the OEM mats, and a bit less costly. :smileup:
Hey Brad,

If you have a pic do you think you could post it... I may be interested in them as well....


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