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Here's the Story...
I have had the 2002 1500 w/ 4.7 for 6 months.. has 130K on the truck. Have been dealing with a misfire code on Cylinder #4.. replaced the plugs, swapped the coils around etc... reset the computer and all works fine ... for a while. Then the code comes back.

Since it was oil change time, I ran Seafoam treatment through the engine.. 1/2 through the oil to clean up the inside, and 1/2 through the fuel system. Replaced the fram oil filter with a K&N, Valvoline fully synthetic oil. Ran great on the way down the hill... 23 MPG over a 100 mile trip.

Went to start up and the engine would not turn over.. a clunk type of sound.. could hear the starter engage, but appeared the engine to be almost "frozen". the engine really never "cranked over". Cleaned the battery posts, checked the voltage.. 12.35V at the battery. No indications of any issues. Checked the codes when the battery was re-connected.. No codes.. a couple more tries, and she started. Drove another 15 miles, stopped for a while and started up fine... Except.. ---- There was smoke coming from the pipes, Magnaflow Cat back system.. The smoke eventually cleared up.

Next day, all worked normal.

Today, the issue returned, code P0304 again.. same starting failure, clunk, no turning over. let it sit 10 minutes.. Used the remote starter, and she fired up... Smoke returned... Ran rough. Burned out what appeared to be the excess fuel, and all seemed ok again.

My guess is if I pull the plug on #4, it will be showing a rich condition.. I will do shortly..

Anyone have this issue and does this point to a leaking injector?

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