LED Low Beam Headlight Bulb Options

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Hello All,

I have recently purchased a pair of LED bulbs for my 2019 Ram 1500 Warlock. They are Fahren Forscher. I am happy with the Lumens the LEDs supply but the pattern and hotspots are not ideal (see attached pictures). It seems like they shine a very narrow pattern and they have two big hotspots in the middle of the pattern.

The truck has Projector headlights and the stock (i bought the truck used) halogen lights are 9005 SL type. Online it says that these "SL" model are made specifically for projector headlights. These bulbs provide a good pattern and spread of light but I am looking for a little more lumen (brightness) without hindering the pattern. I would also like to have a white/light blue color to them as well.

Are there any LEDs or alternatives that anyone knows of that may better suit my desires?

Thanks in advance.


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