LED plate bulbs

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I'm looking to replace my plate bulbs with LED's, a white color. Anyone know what bulbs are best and where to get? I'm not sure if I need Canbus or not, I also don't want them so bright they light up the whole back of the truck.
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I bought some led bulbs on eBay and put them in the for the plate and reverse lights and got bulb out errors on both.
I then got 10 led bulbs off eBay with the resistors built in that said error free. I put them in the license plate, reverse and center brake light. The bulb out error went away for the plate but now have bulb out on reverse and oddly it says right brake light out. Some day I'll solder in a resistor. I also replaced all the interior lights with led and it looks way better.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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