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this post is kinda half and half about two different topics. i posted the following in the exterior modifications forum. so ill paste it here too. the question for this thread is mainly for ideas about the front and back LED tube, not the side skirts or nerf bars. although feel free to answer the others as well. thanks.

"So I recently have installed the advanced 3 million underbody kit from LEDGLOW. Well during this installation I realized that my truck ( 2001 dodge ram sport. Regular cab Black) is not LED friendly. Haha. The front tube is literally under the front bumper, you can see the tube in plain sight. Any ideas how or where to place that to still get an optimum glow without it in plain sight?
And for the sides I had 2 options. One was to shove them 4 inches up and not have a lot of glow, or hang them down to where you can just see the LEDs peek under. I chose to see the leds with a perfect glow. So my question for this is does anyone know of cheep side steps or cheap side skirts to hide the LEDs? Any other options?
Also, there what literally NO place for me to hang the back LED tube. At all. Any options or opinions for that?
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