LED tail lights on '04

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My '04 has LED tail lights I didn't install them myself, they were already on the truck when I bought it. My right brake lights are only half power, my left is fine. I know that there is a short somewhere in there because when any of the 4 doors are opened the brake lights flash. Does anyone know of any quick tips on fixing it? Or am I going to have to rip the wiring out and redo it all over again, or would it be cheaper/easier to just go back to stock lights again?

I'm not too concerned about this issue yet because the cops haven't pulled me over and given me a fix it slip, but I'm planning on fixing all 3 issues with my truck at the same time.

Thanx in advance!
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I see with the low post count you are new to the forum. I've requested your post be moved to the 4th Gen section ('04) (electrical) so that you may obtain information from more appropriate members.
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