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If you're looking for LEDs for your 2018 visor mirrors, here's what you need. It took some time to figure it out. I hope this helps some of you Ram owners.

When I get a new vehicle, one of the first things I do is replace all of the incandescent lights with LEDs. Finding LEDs for my front and rear dome lights was easy. But when it came to the vanity mirrors, I had a really tough time finding something that would work. The first ones I tried helped a little. But it was nothing to shout about. But I kept looking and found some really bright LEDs that could be made to work.

That last phrase (could be made to work) is key. The receptacle for the visor lamps is smaller than the plugs of most LED lamps that are in this category. However, I discovered that some of those LEDs are made to be modified.

The LEDs that I ordered are, "Carr Lighting Super Bright 2835 8-SMD Wedge T10 168 194 2825 LED Bulbs". I ordered them on Amazon. They have 4 LEDs on each side. What this means is that 4 LEDs are facing the passenger and 4 are facing the reflector. It's those 4 that face the passenger that do the most good, though.

This is what they look like, before they are modified.
View attachment 80975

But the problem with these LEDs, is what I kept running into. The plug is too large. So here is what you do. Notice the small holes in the plug. Just take a pair of medium wire cutters and snip through the circuit board that makes up the plug, one hole at a time. Nip away each section, till you reach the top. Do this for both sides. Here is what it should look like, when you are done.
View attachment 80979

I took a file to mine and smoothed the edges. Just be sure to leave copper across the top, since that's how it connects to the actual LEDs.

Note: You cannot make this fit into the vanity mirror plug, from the front, by removing the lens. You have to remove the whole mirror mount and plug in the modified light from the rear. Use a spudger to pry off the vanity mirror mount. It is held in place by two plastic pressure clips on the top and two on the bottom.

Since these LEDs are two-sided, be sure that the reflector falls back down over them, before you replace the mirror.

Here is a comparison, showing the LEDs on the left and the original lights on the right. Pardon the pun, but it's like daylight and dark.
View attachment 80981

This works on the 2018 Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver (I understand that the Lone Star is a Texas model that is roughly the same as the Big Horn). I imagine that this mod will probably work on some other models, too. I hope some of you Ram owners find this helpful.
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