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I have a 2006 Big Horn 4x4 with the hemi. I just found I need to replace an outer tie rod (only 39,000 miles on truck!) so I am going to level it with the Bilstein 5100s. I am wanting to go with Nitto TG or Goodyear Duratracs in 275/65/20. I am curious what this will do to my mpg. Does anyone have a similar set up? What did it do to your fuel economy? Pics would also be nice of your trucks with similar set ups.
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having a tie rod need replacing at 39,000 miles isnt really uncommon, my parents have an 08 and needed a bunch of front end work at 30,000 kms (19,000 miles) and they drive smooth hwy... anyways, I dont have a similar set up to that but with my level and 305/55/20's on my 04 it didnt loose very much for mpg. The size you are going with is only 1" bigger than stock and nearly the same width
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