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I just installed a torsion key leveling kit on my 2002. The kit was advertised as 2-3" in the front and when I let it down, with 1/4" of threads between the key and the key holder, I had 4" of lift from when I started. So I cranked the bolt down to where the key and key holder are nearly touching, figuring that should be 3", and there is still 3.75" of lift from when I started. I installed one of the shock relocator brackets to see what that would do and it raised it about another 1/4"! I am totally at a loss here. I am planning on getting new shocks but shocks are not my biggest worry here. I am sitting 4" higher when I only wanted 2.5".

1.) Is it even safe to get that much lift from a torsion key level? Meaning mostly my axles/cv joints, or any other suspension components. With the lift the cv boot next to the lower control arm is about 1/16" from rubbing the control arm, which seems too close for me. I did drive it briefly and there weren't any strange noises and the ride didn't seem any different, but I'm worried about the stress on the cv joints and boots at that angle.

2.) Has anyone experienced this before? I seriously don't want to take them back off because I spent 10 hours on it today, but if it isn't safe to drive it's gotta come off.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If I can't get any replies on here I am going to have to drive it to a shop and have them take a look at it for me.

Here are a couple pics:

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I drove the truck to our local truck shop and had them look at it today. They basically told me the axle angles don't look too bad and if I don't hear any strange noises, clicking, knocking, rubbing, or anything after about a week it should be fine. I took it around some round-abouts with tires squealing and didn't hear any strange noises. I also bought new shocks for it. I did forget to test 4WD though. I know a lot of people have 4WD shake after leveling. I will test that out tomorrow hopefully.
Alright after more reading and research I'm just going to cut my losses. I'm going to reinstall the original torsion keys and just crank them up 2". I wish I could return the stupid kit I bought but they won't accept returns on installed items obviously. I'm still convinced they sent me the wrong kit. At least I learned a lot about my truck, having spent about 20 hours working on it the past two days...
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