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hey guys i know im new to the site but i am not a total noob and have done some research i am just looking for a little help. I have a 2004 ram 1500 4wd and i am looking to level the front. From what i have read the 02-05 has torsion bars in which you can just get the keys and tighten them up to almost 2" which would make it level. Is this done just to save money rather then buying the leveling kit? I originally just wanted to purchase a set of bilstein 5100 but i see they do not make them for the 02-05, instead i would need to get the bilstein HD which are not adjustable. Either way i am going to purchase shocks eventually as my truck has 102k on it, is the only difference between tightening te torsion bar to save money rather then buying the leveling kit? Hopefully you guys understand what im getting at. Thanks for the help :smiley_thumbs_up:
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I put the DayStar keys on my 2004, and you will need aftermarket shocks. Ride quality is the same, but make sure you get an alignment or your camber is going to be pretty bad. Just watch you CV boots, as they will wear faster due to friction. I put my leveling kit on about a year ago and you can see and feel the wear marks. I am now looking to put a lift kit on, one of the reasons being that they come with differential drop kits. They allow the CV's to be strait, which is alot safer for them.

This is what my truck looked like bone stock Vehicle Car Pickup truck Motor vehicle Landscape

and leveled Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Pickup truck

a side view Vehicle Car Pickup truck Off-roading Terrain

and the shocks I installed Tire Auto part Suspension Vehicle Bicycle wheel
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