leveling kit

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Looking to install 2in in leveling coil spacer on my 2500 Cummins. Is there any way to do this from under the truck rather than thru engine compartment. The latter would require removing the brake master cylinder first before pulling the shock up.(at least thats what all the instructions say to do).
Don't want to get involved with brake hydraulics if I could.

Thanks for any advice.
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Its actually pretty simple. I just recently changed the springs on my 1500. You will need a hydraulic jack and a couple jack stands. Jack up your truck enough to pull the wheels off and put your jacks under the body, disconnect the sway bar and loosen the bolt on top of the shocks. Now you are ready to lower the axle down, which will loosen the spring tension. You will have to remove the shocks to install the coil spacers, which is a great time to replace your shocks, then you just reverse the process!
Hope this helps!
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