Levelling at RAM 2012

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Small question... I bought a Ram 2012 last week and now I would like to level it so the front and back are the same. I'm trying to go through post but is a little bit confusing for me. So just wondering what exactly is needed to do it. I've seen bilstein 5100...

My ram is a 2012 Sport with the Hemi.

Thank you for your help,
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Those will work, or coil spacers will work. I know for my truck I have a few options for replacement coil/level springs so there should be some options for your truck.
The 5100's are height adjustable, and the spacer (say 2") will raise the front that much. The spacer sits on top of the spring between the spring and perch.

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Is it a 4x4? Your prospects are more limited on 4x2.
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